Martin Archery Anax 3D

Martin Archery Anax 3D

  • Features the New Tri Loc System
  • Pivoting Shoe System that allows for 5 lbs to draw weight without adjusting the limb bolts
  • Balanced Bow Technology allows for proper grip location, parallel limbs & weight distribution - the most adjustable & stable shooting platform ever designed
  • Dual Sync Technology provides a smooth draw, extremely fast arrow speeds & easily tunes for proper arrow flight
  • Tri Loc Axle Cap allows calibrated cam system clearance and minimal friction for maximum performance
  • Tri Loc Roto Cup allows set screw to lock into the riser
  • Tri Loc Limb Pocket bolts to the limbs for perfect lock and alignment
  • Utilizes Dual Sync Cam Technology with String Stop for fine-tuning to match your individual shooting style & draw length
  • Long Draw & Short Draw Helix Cams allow for 88%+ efficiency at every draw length in a 6″ range
  • Customized tuning available with the use of RRAD Balanced Bow Technology
  • RRAD Weight Distribution System allows the archer to distribute weight individually throughout the riser by using a light or heavyweight adjustable system.


  • 328fps
  • Brace Height: 7"

  • Axle-to-Axle: 35"

  • Let off: Up to 90%

  • Bow Weight: 5.25lbs


Photo credits to Martin Archery

Draw Length
Riser Color
Limb Color